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Applying varnish tests on panel, Saints Catherine of Alexandra and John the Baptist by Giusto de’Menabuoi. 

I am a recent graduate of the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, with an MS in Conservation of Artistic & Historic Works and an MA in History of Art & Archaeology. Prior to my studies in New York, I obtained a Master’s degree in Technical Art History (MLitt.) at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. I have a strong foundation in the conservation of artworks as well as a thorough understanding of their historical context.

My studies have given me the privilege of learning from and working with prominent art historians and conservators on a variety of projects. My research experience has imparted knowledge and familiarity with the technology and equipment used to analyze painted materials. I have a variety of experience  working in both public institutions and private practices in New York, Chicago, Miami, and throughout Europe.


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